Applied Maritime


Applied Maritime Competence

Shipping and finance, both industries have different business approaches,
follow different targets and speak different languages.

Mavenship provides a wide array of services and bespoke solutions to financial investors, shipowners, banks and other participants in the maritime industry. The management of Mavenship combine long-term expertise in shipping, corporate finance, business development, sale & purchase, controlling and marine insurance.

A key element of our activities is our practical business development and financial expertise in the maritime sector.

The founding partners draw on profound experience of more than 45 years. Mavenship actively applies its maritime competence by hands-on management.

Bridging The Gap

Shipping and finance speak different languages

Mavenship has the capabilities to translate and to align the interests of both parties. Whether financial investors seek to explore the maritime industry or shipping companies look for new finance structures, Mavenship helps in delivering the comprehensive business case from origination to exit, or meets individual service requirements.

Expertise To Bridge The Gap