Asset Services

Asset Services

Identifying the value drivers in shipping and the perils of controlling & reporting.

Mavenship facilitates to grasp the interaction and underlying conflicts between maritime investments and shipping services. We develop corporate governance, provide transparency over income streams, fee structures and commissions. Mavenship delivers the expertise when taking a deep dive into shipping, maritime services and financials.

The identification and control of value drivers is essential for successful investments not only in the shipping industry.

Raising The Right Questions.

Thorough review and revealing analysis.

Whether basic tasks like controlling of operating expenses, insurance review or demanding projects such as implementing complex reporting structures or cost cutting projects in shipping, Mavenship supports your investments. For commercial management, technical management and crewing, we source the right service provider and monitor the quality.

Test our services on single vessels or whole portfolios!

Controlling & Reporting OPEX Review Financial Analysis Marine Insurance Review Commercial Management Technical Management Crewing

Marine Insurance.

Lean and innovative risk management

Do you think your current insurance arrangements are competitive and transparent?

You can rest assured, there is room for improvement. Speak to us and learn more about how to slim down your setup, reduce insurance cost. We are pleased to introduce you to our innovative risk concept.

Mavenship’s expertise covers marine hull, P&I, captive and reinsurance. Also claims handling, casualty management and litigation - even before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea - is part of management’s profound experience as assured, cedent, broker and underwriter.