M&A Transaction Support

M&A Advisory

Independent Shipping And Corporate Finance Competence.

Individual challenges require bespoke solutions. Mavenship initiates, sources and manages maritime projects and investment opportunities to successful completion. We direct complex projects to the right path and facilitate opportunities.

Being completely independent we are only committed to our customers' goals.

Transaction Support

Fact Driven Analysis Combined With A Passion For Shipping.

Corporate and asset investments require rigorous analysis and full understanding of value drivers and their impact on financials and risk adjusted return. Commercial shipping contracts can sometimes be opaque and crammed with specific shipping language.

Mavenship has vast experience in the analysis of commercial terms, financials and shipping practice as a whole. We reveal and evaluate risks and deliver solutions.

Knowing The Numbers.

Numbers are used to describe opportunities, risk, success or failure.

Knowing the numbers is of essence enabling you to make the right decisions, start the right measures or to protect your investments. It allows you to own strategic and tactical control of your business.